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What? Pee!ng Before and After $ex Gives You UTI?

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urine-collectionBy Tamala Perkins

Most women have heard the old wives’ tail that says that a woman should pee before and after $ex because it is believed that if she empties her bladder before and after a roll in the hay, she will avoid getting a urinary tract infection.

Unfortunately for the women who believe this old wives’ tail, it is actually wrong. In fact, according to health experts, while peeing after the act is good, going to the bathroom before hand is not as good an idea.

Urologist, David Kaufman, MD, says women should not go to the bathroom before having intimate “relations” as this can increase the likelihood of getting infections. During the act, vag!nal bacteria may be pushed into the urethra and it helps to flush it out when a woman ur!nates after the act. Urinating before means a woman may not do so after.

Kaufman tells Yahoo Health:

 “Urinating before sex is the No.1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis. Bacteria have tiny pilli that act as Velcro hooks, which allow them to attach themselves to the urethral lining. If the bacteria isn’t dislodged, it can make its way into the bladder where it quickly reproduces and grows, creating a UTI.”

Women are much more at risk when it comes to UTIs that are caused by having $ex because bacteria can travel up the female urethra which is a short distance for bacteria to travel. Some women will even get a UTI infection every time they have “relations”.

Symptoms of infection show up very early; typically within 24 hours. Even though many women think it is a good idea to rinse or wipe down there before getting intimate, to reduce bacteria, experts say this is not a good idea because, according to urologist Michael Ingber, MD,

“The v*gina is a mucosal surface, which secretes its own lubrication and has its own ‘healthy’ bacteria. Typically, we don’t recommend altering this in any way.”

To reduce the likelihood of infections, it is advisable to avoid using too much lubr!cation, naughty toys and vag!nal sponges which can even increase infection.

If you need an incentive for not going to the bathroom before being intimate, a lot of women report that they enjoy better orga$ms with a full bladder.



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