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Tragic: Driver Loses Five Relatives After Colliding With Tractor Trailer

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Reported by Angela L. Braden

Maryland State Police reported that a Virginia family of five was killed early Saturday morning when their vehicle collided with a tractor trailer on a Maryland highway, fatally wounding everyone in the vehicle, including a pregnant passenger.  Yvenet Mayette, the 28-year-old driver of the tractor trailer was seriously injured and airlifted to a local hospital where he received medical treatment.

Regina Ayers, 24, Jordan Ayers, 7, and 2-months-old Jonathan Ayers all died in the crash.  Jordan and Jonathan were Regina’s children.  The two other victims in the vehicle were Regina’s 30-year-old sister, Zarissa Ayers, who was pregnant; and Regina’s 25-year-old boyfriend, Travis Straton.

The family was driving a 2006 Suzuki on route 50 in Wye Mills, MD when the tractor trailer collided with the vehicle.  The trailer reportedly struck the side of the family’s car and then rolled over the vehicle before coming to rest.  Authorities have not been able to determine which adult was driving the Suzuki.

All of the occupants of the Suzuki, with the exception of Zarissa, were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.  Zarissa was transported to a local hospital where she and her unborn child were pronounced dead.

The Ayerses were reportedly en route from Greenbush, Virginia to visit their family in Baltimore when the accident occurred.  The driver of the tractor trailer was headed to his home in Wilmington, Delaware after picking up a load in North Carolina.

Again, it is unclear who or what caused the fatal accident.  According to police, they are investigating to identify the cause of the horrendous crash.  At this point, police do not believe that alcohol was a factor.  Police are asking anyone who witnessed the fatal accident to please contact the Maryland State Police at (410) 758-1101, ext. 7.



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