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Taraji P. Henson’s Not Dating: Says Men Are Cheap, Rush to “jump in the sack”

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tarajiBy Tamala Perkins

Empire star Taraji P. Henson says that dating has taken a back seat for her lately because she is just not happy with what she is  seeing out there.

The actress stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday and when talking about dating she said,

“Guys don’t court anymore. Take me out to dinner! Say you’re gonna pick me up at a certain time! Dating should be an event, you know? You like the guy, so you want to get pretty for him, so you spend all day, and the spark… Whatever happened to that?”

Henson must have experienced or heard about some cheap guys because she shared that some guys will even try to call a run to a fast food restaurant a date and then have the nerve to expect “some action” after that.
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She told Wendy,

“Some of them think that they can take you to Chipotle or griddle pancakes and then jump in the sack!”

Henson also discussed her new FOX series, Empire, where she stars opposite one of her favorite actors, Terrence Howard, who she also co-stared in 2005’s Hustle & Flow with. The show debuted to very high ratings and appears to have a lot of promise.
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While the 44 year old many be struggling to find her leading man in real life, in the new show, Empire, she was very clear about who she wanted as the leading man.
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Henson says she was quite insistent that executive producer Lee Daniels cast Howard. She says,

“When I opened up the script, I saw Terrence and I. I heard the words coming from his mouth…I said to [Lee] – I didn’t even have the job yet, and I said, “So if you can make that work, hire Terrence, great. If not, good luck with the show.””

 Is Taraji right? Have brothers dropped the ball when it comes to dating?