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Taraji P. Henson says her new show, “Empire” is very, very good

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Empire” is FOX’s new series and although the anticipation had been building up for some time, the premier episode is expected to deliver just as promised.

The series is the creation of director Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the screenplay writer – both of whom brought us “The Butler“.

In their current project, they have an almost all-black cast of characters starring Terrence Howard, who plays Luscious Lyon, an ex-drug dealer turned hip hop mogul and owner of Empire Entertainment, and Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie Lyon, Luscious’ ex-wife, mother of his three children and just out of prison.

Cookie had gone to prison because of drug-related crimes and now that she’s out, she wants a piece of Luscious’ pie which she thinks she is entitled to.

Henson sat down with rolling out and talked about her take of the series and how she thinks viewers will be thrilled with it.

Describing her character Cookie, she said, “I love how Cookie is so brave. There’s no buffer. Don’t ask her opinion if you don’t want to hear the truth. She’s family first. She takes her family very seriously. So much so that she sacrificed 17 years of her life. She didn’t snitch. She could have snitched.”

Henson also said that although she didn’t condone the drug trade, she could identify with the strength of Cookie, the sacrifices she had taken and that she also understood the drug world as she has seen it up-close and personal.

“I’m not condoning selling drugs, but I am from the hood. I am from the period where I saw families being destroyed by crack. I lost a lot of friends to the drug game. I understand it. I’m not condoning selling drugs, but Cookie and Luscious were able to break a cycle of families and generations on welfare,” Henson said. “Families and generations caught up in that cycle of selling drugs and doing things that most privileged people don’t even have to think about doing. They broke a cycle. Their children will never know the hood. She served her time, it was horrible. She had to do 17 years. She did it, but it was about her family. It was about her family’s survival.”


You can read her full interview here.