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Southern Univ. Students Say Racist Couple Attαcked Them With Pitbull Over Apartment Inquiry

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Two Southern University students say they were only trying to rent an Southern studentsapartment when they were physically attαcked by a racist couple and their pitbull.

While trying to rent an apartment at Courtyard Orleans Apartments, students Demonya Williams and her friend Jasmine Edwards say they were attαcked by the assistant leasing manager and her husband, who also hurled racial insults at them.
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Twenty three year old Williams alleges that she was pυnched in the face and chοked by the manager’s husband, Christopher Rayborn, 29. While Williams was being chοked, the apartment manager, Kortney Rayborn, pointed a gun at them and sent her pitbull after them.
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“It was very scary, it was very confusing,” Edwards said in a Thursday press conference, according to the Times Picayune.. “I was very afraid he was going to kιll my friend… I have never been in a situation like that in my life.”
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The women say they survived the attαck because two men intervened.

“This is one of the most heinous situations that we’ve seen in all the litigation we do,” said Chris Stewart, an attorney representing the students.

The alleged assault stemmed from a disagreement between the students and Kortney Rayborn. The students say they’d already paid an application fee, but the employee they originally spoke with was not there. Rayborn said she couldn’t find records indicating that the fee had been paid. The students say  when they began to ask questions, they were treated rudely.

The students claim they were asked to leave, and while walking back to their cars, they were confronted by Mr. Rayborn, who was taking photos of their car’s license plates.

The students say the man began hurling racial slurs, prompting the students to begin recording him with their phone. Video shows Rayborn make a quick movement, knocking the cell phone out of the student’s hand.

Once the students escaped the scene, they called police.