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Pastor Writes God Termination Letter After His Sister Kills Her Kids

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By Michal Ortner

Dennis Augustine, a former Pentecostal pastor, has written an open letter to God discontinuing their working relationship. He says that he had doubts about God’s existence when he attended seminary. After his sister killed her children, it confirmed his doubts.

He begins his letter with “Dear Yahweh, Our working relationship is not what it used to be.” Augustine explains that his parents played a large role in his initial contact with God. But, over time, God “repeatedly refused to answer” his calls. God neglected and mismanaged his job description.

In regards to the creation of the Universe, Augustine writes, “I began to see that much of the work that you have taken responsibility for—the work that really was the only thing that prevented me from firing you long ago—was not your doing at all.”

“In fact, I learned that it’s been known for centuries that pretty much everything that I credited you with had actually been fully outsourced to the universe since the very beginning,” he continued.

“I don’t know how many years you’ve held your position I wish you had already retired now so I wouldn’t have had tell you what I’m about to. There’s no point in continuing this working relationship.  You do nothing useful (or anything at all it seems) and your contractual demands are utterly outrageous!”

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