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Orlando Woman Accused of Running Over Dogs That Kιlled Her Cat

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An Orlando woman is accused of taking the law into her own hands afterwoman and cat discovering that her cat had been kιlled by dogs. Although the woman denies the charges, she is accused of running over two dogs who kιlled her cat.

Neighbors allege that the grandmother, Wanda Griffin, brυtally ran over the two animals in a revenge attαck after her cat was mαuled.

Local 6 reports that witnesses told the Orange County Animal Services that the woman chased the dogs onto Lake Lawne Avenue.

Neighbors recalled a gruεsome scene where the woman chased down the dogs in her mini-van. According to witnesses, she ran over one dog and then chased down another. Then, she and a friend allegedly got out of the van and beαt the animals with bats.

One dog passed away at the scene and the other had to be put down due to the severity of its injuries.

“She said, ‘I’m going to kιll you because you kιlled my cat.’ And the dog was just laying there,” David Barnes told Local 6.

Witnesses said the woman’s attαck on the dogs stemmed from an incident moments earlier where the boys who were walking the dogs grabbed her cat off a car, threw it to the dogs, then told the dogs to “sic ’em”.

Witnesses say the brutal deαth of the woman’s cat triggered her outrage and led her to follow the boys and dogs down the street, then run the dogs over.

Griffin says she didn’t do anything to the dogs.

“I’m just one old lady, I didn’t do nothing,” said  Griffin.  “He was my best friend … I’m still sick about my cat.”

What do you think? If Griffin did commit this crime, is it understandable considering she’d just watched her cat get fatally maυled? Or did she go overboard?