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NYPD Psychologist Allegedly Shot Her Husband to Avoid ‘Messy’ Divorce

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

To what extent would you go to get a divorce? Would you simply walk out and leave it all behind? Would you fight tooth-and-nail in every courthouse that would let you in? How about murder; would you kill to get it over quickly?

Well, apparently, one person thought the latter was a good idea. A Yonkers, NY, husband is claiming his wife was willing to commit murder just to get rid of him. The estranged couple has been married for 18 years and have two daughters.

Kenneth Dearden claims that about a year ago, his wife, Emily Dearden, shot him with an antique gun that had been given to her by her parents while he slept in their home. Her reason, he claims in a lawsuit he recently filed, was that she didn’t want to go through a messy divorce.

The suit states that with him dead, Emily, who had been having an affair since 2011, “could avoid a contentious divorce, keep the marital home and never admit the marital infidelity” to anyone.

Luckily, he survived the shot to the base of his skull, despite a severed artery. The bullet made its way to his cheek.

Dearden says that on Nov. 14, 2013, he woke from his sleep with a searing pain in his jaw. When he went in search of his wife, he found her on the floor of their family room claiming that she had been hit on the head.

When police arrived on the scene, he told them he thought they had been attacked by an intruder. When the cops returned for a follow-up investigation, Emily, who is an NYPD psychologist, was washing bloody clothes and asked them if they had a warrant.

Dearden said that he continued to live with his wife, even after she filed for divorce in August because he was afraid of her attempting another attack.

Emily has been arrested and is now out on bail pending a response to the lawsuit and claims the accusations against her are untrue. She has also been suspended from her job.