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Nicki’s Ex Goes On A Date With Rihanna Look-A-Like

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We all saw the instant Twitter war that ensued between raps First Lady, Nicki Minaj and her ex-boo Safaree. But now it seems like the two of them have moved on with their own lives and are going on their own dates with their own boo’s now… Not each other though.

Just recently Safaree, whom was known as Nicki Minaj’s hype man and long time boyfriend, was seen coming out of BOA Steakhouse resturaunt in California with a new hot chick, Candice Brook, and neither of the two were any where near camera shy. Posing and letting it be known that the two of them were hanging out together.

riri and safaree

According to TMZ:

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels each went out of their way Wednesday night to send clear signals to the other and the world … they’re with other people now. First you had Safaree, who went to Boa with his new chick, a model named Candice Brook. As if Boa wasn’t already a place to be seen … Safaree pulled up in a ridiculous red car. Then we have Nicki … who popped up in a selfie with Meek Mill … whom Nicki has been linked to for months, but she never owned it until now.

Meanwhile, Nicki and Meek were seen together once again on Instagram. This only adds to the lovey-dovey roomers that have recently ensued in the past couple of weeks… Even though she is denying any potential love match between the two.

nicki and meek

I think that it is great that the two of them are finally able to meet and like other people and hopefully they will be able to let go of all of the immature break-up nonsense that they were going through. They both deserve good things, who can say that they have to find it in each other? Meek is a handsome guy and Candice is a beautiful girl, so hopefully they can make Nicki and Safaree happy!

Wishing the two of them the best of luck on both of their new love interests and maybe they can, one day reconcile and just be friends.

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