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Naya Rivera Says “White People Shower More Than Ethnics”

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While appearing on The View, Naya Rivera made controversial remarks Naya Riveraabout the difference between whites and non-whites. According to Rivera, the differences between whites and “ethnics” can be seen in their bathing habits.

During a panel, the Glee star told  cohosts she believes white people bathe way more than non-whites.

“I have to say I have a theory about showering, [which] is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics,” she said. “I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”

Rivera, who says she grew up with a half black and half Puerto Rican mother, is floored by how much her white husband bathes.

“But I can say that I am now married to a white man, and he showers a lot. Like, a lot — two, three times a day. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?'”

Prior to getting married, the 28 year old was engaged to rapper Big Sean, who is black.

Just after six months of dating, the rapper proposed to Rivera. Sean and Rivera first went public with their relationship at the 42 film premiere April 2012.

The engagement did not last since Big Sean called it quits after going to couple’s counseling. TMZ reported that the rapper became fed up with Rivera’s jealous fits of rage.

The rapper said Rivera would grow enraged when he was around other women and at one point broke an expensive lamp.

He also said Rivera would make threats like, “If you don’t listen to what I say, I’ll ruin your career.”

After couples counseling, Big Sean apparently decided to call off the engagement.

Rivera is currently married to Ryan Dorsey.