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Naturally Triece: Tameka Raymond Has Something B.I.G. Up Her Sleeve

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By: Naturally Triece

Tameka Raymond has something big in store for us beauty and fashion professionals and no it is not Ushers eggplant! She is going to be debuting a styling and beauty class for the year of 2015, called the “Style Theory Tour” which features many professionals who debut their knowledge and skill in the Cosmetic field as well as in the Fashion field.

Raymond has been known for her long list of styling clients including Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Jay-Z, Usher and many others. This tour is promised to give you everything that you need in order to successfully start-up your own consulting business.

The tour will stop in 14 different states and obviously is going to kick off in Atlanta, GA.

According to the Atlanta Exes star, the tour will consist of workshops that will be held by her as well as many other experts in health, wellness, fashion and style. These classes will focus on budgeting, fashion faux pas, protective natural hair styling tips, proper makeup application, stylist traits vs. personal shopping traits, professionalism, being able to identify your own clientele and also a class on being yourself.

Tickets are held at the pricing of $200 and they are currently on sale. Upon registry you also get Raymond’s new book White Bras.

After Atlanta, GA. the tour will head on to Las Vegas, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

Tameka Raymond is best known for her relationship and marriage to R&B singer, Usher Raymond. The hot stylist has worked with many individuals but her last appearance that many will remember is when she starred on Atlanta Exes along side Kevin Hart, Ne-Yo and many other famous men’s ex-wives and fiancés. I am glad that she is branching out once again to make major things happen!

This is an awesome idea and I think that if you guys are serious about trying to learn more in the beauty industry then this will definitely be something to look into. It is best that you take your advice from the best, people who have already been there and know what the industry is like.

I’m going to look into attending. You should too!

Thank you for reading & thank you Mrs. Raymond!


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