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Snoop Dogg Being Sued For Cyber-Bullying

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Snoop Dogg is known as the funny man on Instagram but have his jokes officially gone too far or finally caught up with him? After posting a picture of a young man to his Instagram page with the caption, ‘who’s auntuncle is this?’ the young man caught wind of the image and reported it to Instagram as inappropriate but the image is still up.

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Cortez Booze tells TMZ … 5 days ago the rapper posted a pic of him on Instagram with the caption, “Whose auntcle is this?” The pic triggered a torrent of hate … people calling him f*****, shemale, confused, ugly, punk and a host of other slurs.


Since he reported the image and the image is still up for viewing, Cortez has made plans to get a lawyer and sue the Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is a rap artist from the early 90’s who has allowed his legacy to live on for years and years, from working with Tupac, to Nate Dogg and Wiz Khalifa recently, he has made his career worth while most definitely, along with giving back to his community on a daily bases with his little league football team.
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It is extremely unfortunate that Mr. Booze has had to receive the negative end of Snoop Dogg’s personality because America seems to know and love him as one of the fathers of Hip-hop music. I just hope that these two can settle out of court and both move on with their lives.

As for Cortez Booze, I am so sorry that you have to experience such horrible comments from people who don’t even know you. I wish you all of the best and hope that you can move on to better things in your life. This was an unfortunate event and you did not deserve anything that you received from Snoop or the fans who commented on the picture. You are not confused, you are simply being yourself and you deserve to always feel comfortable in your own skin.

And now, to those fans who were writing such rude comments, as well as Snoop, if you don’t know someone then please just keep your comments to yourself. You never know how bad you can hurt someone, and believe it or not… Words hurt just as bad as actions… Keep that in mind from now on before you write something so negative that isn’t uplifting to you or the person that you are attacking.

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