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Naturally Triece: Lip Stick Of The Day! Best Nude Lip For Any Woman Of Color!

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By: Naturally Triece

African American women always encounter the struggle of a lifetime when it comes to finding the perfect nude lip that matches their skin tone flawlessly, is not as chalky as the main stream colors that are sold in most stores and makes your lips look healthy and moisturized.

While shopping yesterday I realized that this article is a very important one because I too have the exact same issue. I was tired of my lips looking like I’d dipped them in white paint, so I tried another option. I decided that instead of buying a ‘nude lippy’ from Walmart or Target or the MAC counter I was going to use a much simpler technique which at the time seemed like the most convenient and that technique is simply just concealer.

Applying concealer to the lips is a lot simpler with the idea that this is the same concealer that covers your blemishes under that beat foundation and flawless contour.

When I’d gotten home from the mall I instantly began to dig in my makeup junk and look for the first concealer that I could find.

I used the Sonia Kashuk concealer that I absolutely adore in the shade Ivory. Ivory is practically a white color but the cool thing about this concealer is that it does not leave a matte consistency, it is very dewy on the skin and with that on my lips I then used my black radiance contour stick in brown. Dabbing that onto my lips made my look as awesome as I knew that it would be.

So ladies, this lipstick of the day article is basically showing you a much simpler option that you could take into consideration when you are looking for that sexy nude lip that you know people will completely trip over. To make your lips look healthy and full is an understatement compared to what this technique can do if you are using the proper products.

I would definitely encourage you ladies to give this a try and below I am going to show you girls some images of my past nude lips and there will be a description of what I used to achieve the look…

Look 1:

beauty goddess

Lip Color: Klean Kolors Skinless Gloss (Generic brand from my local beauty supply store)

Look 2:

black sweater 2

NYX Aubudabi Matter LipColor (From Ulta $4.99)

Look 3:


NYX Matte Lipstick 14 Maison (From Ulta $5.99)

These are my colors of nude lips past… I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and I also hope that you ladies found it to be helpful!


Naturally Triece

beauty goddess

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