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Naturally Triece: India Arie Is Rocking A New Hair Style & I Love It!

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By: Patrice Johnson

Anybody who loves India Arie as much as I do will understand the excitement that I just got when I saw this image of India Arie.

We can remember not long ago when India would wear her hair in a short faded style, looking extremely classy and lavish. She was the image of everything that I wanted to be. But now she has grown her crown and glory back out and she is nothing short of stunning and amazing!

india arie

With this stretched twist out it is almost like she could conquer the world all in one day with just one hair style and I am seriously loving this look!

India Arie is an American music artist who sings from her soul. Making music that all people can learn to love, appreciate and admire. She gives her all to her music and when you listen to it it’s almost like you can feel the soul of her own soul being poured into the song.

I first fell in love with her and her music when she created an epic song called ‘I Am Not My Hair’ which basically told people of any race, color or creed that your hair personality, strengths, abilities and natural spirit are not defined by the way that you wear your hair. Your hair is what makes your head, but your brain (which is inside of your head) is what defines your personality, your thoughts, your opinions, your voice, your bravery, your wittiness, your humor, your anger, your views on life and your views on love.

This song is what made me as well as many others a little more open minded and a little more accepting of others.

This is where I can say that I think that the natural movement first started.

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