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Naturally Triece: How To Grow Long Healthy Hair (video inside!)

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By: Naturally Triece

In the video below, SimplYounique explains to us how she got her natural hair to grow so fast. I have given my tips but I always like to bring in other women (and men) who seem to know just as much about healthy hair growth as me.

Listening to this video, SimplYounique talks about the oils that you can use. She also talks about why you should add water to your hair when keeping it moisturized. Now, lets make it clear… Water is not oil… It is water. So you will still need some oil to add to your hair daily. She talks about some of her favorite oils as well.

Her oils are pretty much the same suggestions that I have given and they are found at any grocery store.

In the video, she explains other things as well, such as heat usage, protective styling, wide toothed combing, deep conditioning, necessary hair trims, focusing on different types of hair products that work for your hair, and leave-in conditioners.

I do want you beautiful readers to understand though, that even though she is telling you what she uses for her hair, that doesn’t mean that these are the exact things that will work for your hair. Don’t be too caught up on what other people say works for them that you aren’t willing to find what works for you. If your hair is a wavy texture and my hair is a coily texture then that means that we have to use different things. I may need heavy oils to hydrate my porous hair whole you may just need a light leave-in conditioner.   Whatever works for me is what works for me and whatever works for you will work for you…

Just try some of the suggestions that are given and have fun with it. Eventually you will figure it out and style your own hair like a pro…

Watch this cool video!

Thanks for Reading & Watching!


Naturally Triece


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