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Naturally Triece: 5 Reasons Why Women Want Men They Don’t Need

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By: Naturally Triece

Even though we all know that bad boys are not what we need, you can’t tell me that you have never wanted a bad boy. They have a certain fire that we feel we can’t get from a good boy. We have all had that stage in our lives where we want a thrill of doing something we know our parents would absolutely hate and no one else would understand. So who better to do something wild and crazy with than a bad boy??

Why I Want Him: Reason 1

He Challenges Me!
Like watching the Cosby show when Bill had a tap dancing battle with the dance instructor. Even though he had no idea what  he was doing he was still willing to give it a try all because it was a challenge.

This is how it is when you are dating a bad boy. A bad boy will have a careless attitude with a cocky demeanor that can make women fall in love even though these women know that he can burn them like fire. They know that he can have multiple women if he wants, and probably already does but they want the challenge of racing with other women to the finish line of his love… Which they probably will never get.

Why I Want Him: Reason 2

He’s So Real!
Some women feel that bad boys are just honest, blunt, upfront and couldn’t care any less than they already do about your feelings.
Some feel that nice guys are just overly nice because they are putting on a front. This isn’t always the case, I can say from my dating experience  that I have met some men who were overly nice and turned mean and then there were men who were mean, bad and careless who then turned nice when I decided that I didn’t want them anymore.

Why I Want Him: Reason 3

He Don’t Take No Ish!
Most women don’t like doormats unless they are for dirty feet when you walk into the house. A man who is a doormat is hard to show respect to and care for. If you buy me anything I want, if you let me say what ever I want, if I can tell you to do anything and you do it then I won’t appreciate you as much.
It’s like when your parents buy your very first car, you didn’t have to spend a dime…That car usually gets wrecked within a years time, but if you had to buy that car with your own hard earned money you’ll wash it so much that it begins to get dry skin… This is what its like when you have a bad boy vs. a good one.

Why I Want Him: Reason 4

He Knows All The Right Things To Say!
A lot of bad boys have a very good way with words. Men are seekers but women are listeners. If you tell me everything that I want to hear then don’t be surprised if I am down on one knee proposing… That’s how it works for some women. Sale Me A Dream!

Why I Want Him: Reason 5

He Loves Me!… I think?
I know what it is like to want something that you know is bad for you. In high school I was head over hills in love with someone who wasn’t very nice to me. Now I look back on all of that “crap” he fed me and realized that I could have done so much better but at the time I didn’t know what I was worth.
This is something that a lot of women experience because of low self-esteem. It doesn’t matter what age you are, every woman has felt this horrible feeling, and this is what can cause many of us to stick with the one person who is the most poisonous to us.

Bottom line, every woman has dated a bad boy at least once in her life and it was fun… But the final finish is usually the worst part.

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