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Naturally Triece: 3 Greatest Winter Must-Haves For Any Girl!

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By: Naturally Triece

Women of all different shapes and sizes come to me on a daily basis asking what I think would be a good wardrobe pick for them at their size. Even though I love fashion and love putting things together for other people, I can honestly say that this is not something that I can answer just based on the size of your body. The reason why this is such a tough question for me is because your size should never determine your style. You can’t allow your size to constantly keep you in a box. If you allow that to happen then you will end up being extremely unhappy and you won’t feel good about who YOU are!

I know some women who are a size 16 and extremely chic and then I know some who are a size 6 and dress preppy. I think that your wardrobe is simply determined by the things that you like, not the things that you feel society will be comfortable with.
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So in this article I am going to give some ideas on some pretty basic starters that every woman should have in her closet during the winter season…

Every Girl Needs Exhibit A:

combat boots

Combat Boots

I don’t care what the weather is like, combat boots have made a name for themselves as the universal shoe for every American woman. They are comfortable and great in the winter, but they are also comfortable and go great with distressed shorts in the winter.
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Every Girl Needs Exhibit B:

oversized sweaters

Oversized Sweaters

These sweaters are perfect for the winter and have the ability to keep you nice and warm, but they also keep you nice and comfortable. Oversized sweaters are always my go-to for those days when I am headed out to work but I don’t really want to get dressed up. If you have an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings with combat or riding boots then you will look super cute with out putting in too much effort.
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Every Girl Needs Exhibit C:



In the winter leggings can either be one of two things. They can either serve the purpose of pants or long underwear. It’s totally up to you. I like for my leggings to serve both purposes. I think that leggings can go great with oversized sweaters but they are also great for those jeans that you have that may have a ton of holes in them. If you want to hide a little skin but still wear your favorite jeans then you should definitely consider putting your leggings underneath your jeans.

These are my 3 favorite pieces for the winter and I don’t think that any girl can go wrong with these. Just take what I’m saying into consideration the next time that you decide to get dressed and don’t know what to wear… Colors matter also. Find colors that you feel compliment your skin tone and you will be super cute and hard to resist.


Thank you for reading!

Naturally Triece

black sweater 2

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