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Naturally Triece: 3 Best Natural Heat Protectants For Your Hair

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Naturally Triece

Even though I usually try to stay away from heat on my hair I still dive in the heat category every once in a while, and when I do I make sure that I use a decent heat protectant that will protect my hair from heat damage, dryness, breakage, and continue to allow my hair the moisture that it deserves.

I have met many women who use heat protectants but they have never been happy with the results that they receive after styling and its usually because of the type of hair protectant that they use. Some are too heavy, some are too greasy, some don’t protect that hair well enough… There are so many reasons!

Here I will give a list of 3 amazing heat protectants that will allow your hair to stay healthy, moisturized, prevent breakage, protect your hair from the heat you use and grow.

1. Grape Seed Oil

This oil is amazing and gives your hair pretty much everything it needs to survive and grow healthily. This protectant is great when it comes to giving the hair a natural shine and making the hair look and feel soft and fluffy.

You can get this oil practically anywhere that you go.

2. Argan Oil

Argan Oil is an awesome oil that can be used on the hair as well as the skin. I have used this oil on my hair and skin, so I know from experience that you won’t experience any dryness on any part of your body. It is a good heat protectant that carries Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids as well as Vitamin E.

3. Coconut Oil

I know… I know… You’re probably tired of hearing me rant and spark up all sorts of talk about coconut oil, but I promise that coconut oil is just that amazing. It has a thick consistency that can increase your hairs ability to retain moisture. This oil is also great for those hot summer days when the sun decides to come out and beam on your head, causing brittleness and dryness.

These 3 oils may seem pretty basic but they all serve amazing purposes. If you just take my advice, I promise that you won’t regret it.

I have used these oils myself and I know for a fact that they do everything that they are supposed to do!

And please keep in mind that if you do not use heat protectant then your hair will end up looking like this…

heat damage

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