Michael Sam and Boyfriend Open Up About Secret, Tumultuous Relationship

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Reported by Victor Ochieng 

Many people know Michael Sam from his appearances on TV when he was drafted into the NFL. During the coverage, Sam didn’t hesitate to open up about being gay, going as far as intimately hugging and kissing his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano.

From that televised moment, many could easily conclude that Sam and Cammisano were deeply in love with each other. But it wasn’t always that way for the couple.  The two men say their relationship had a rough start and even more challenging times later. In a recent interview that lasted 90 minutes, Sam and his boyfriend opened up about how their relationship started back at Missouri University when they were both students.

The two had just gotten to college when they met each other. Their first encounter wasn’t pleasant and would create a rift between the future lovers for the next two years.

“Me and my buddy Daniel, we were going to this party… one of our first big college parties,” Sam says in an interview. “I get to the back patio of the house and I see two guys [hunched] over like they were about to puke or something. One of those guys was Vito.”

Sam then approached the two guys and asked if he could get them something. According to Sam, Vito then slowly raised his head and gave him a ‘Get the f away from me’ look. Sam said he felt like beating up Vito.

The two didn’t speak with each other for two years.

Although they weren’t speaking, Sam got close with the school’s swim team, which Cammisano was a part of. They got the opportunity to meet often, but Cammisano never bothered to acknowledge Sam.

“Vito never made eye contact with me. Every time I saw him, I was like, ‘I don’t like that guy. He’s rude,'” Sam says. “‘I don’t like him. I hate him.'”

By the time the two got to junior year, they had started talking, and soon after, they started dating.

“Early on, it was awesome,” he continues. “And then, bad things started to happen.”

The two started having issues when Sam wanted to keep their relationship secret while Commisano wanted to have a good time without worrying much about what others would say. By that time, Commisano had already graduated from college while Sam hadn’t finished yet.

After a short time of hiding their relationship, Commisano couldn’t take it anymore and the two broke up.

It was until around Christmas later that year that the two started texting each other. They met over Christmas, and that’s when they realized that they had missed each other. The couple had a great Christmas together.

Since then, they’ve been together and have become more open about their relationship.

“Times sure have changed…for the better,” Cammisano says.


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