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Man Says He Will Sue Claudia Jordan If She Releases Their Old Sex Tape

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It seems as if Nene Leakes was right about all of the claims that Claudia Jordan is a fame wh*re!

Apparently, Jordan’s old boo has made claims that she is planning to release her own freaky sex flick after a fake robbery.

According to RadarOnline, just a few days after the Nene Leakes fiasco in Puerto Rico where Leakes claimed that Jordan had “slept with everybody” and that her “cl*t has left” her body, it is now being said that the Ricky Smiley Morning Show co-hosts sex life is going under the fire again.

Jordan’s ex, who did an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, claims that she shot a sex tape with him and he is going to sue her if she releases it.

Joel Randell told the site that he and Jordan filmed the XXX tape in a hotel room in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in December of 2013 and put the hunch on her iPad.

Randell claims that there are 3 separate tapes and each was about 10 minutes long. He says that the two did watch the tapes together but she never gave him a copy of his own hard work.

Randell and Jordan broke things off and went on their separate ways, but recently he resurfaced after he saw that she had posted a picture on her Instagram of the back window of her car that seemed to look shattered. The caption stated that her laptop had been stolen.

Seems a little sketchy Claudia, I’m just saying!
“After the reported ‘robbery’ of her laptop from her car last week, it became clear to me that Claudia is likely planning to leak the tapes,” Randell alleged. “The car break-in was staged. She would never in a million years leave her laptop in her car unattended. She’s on her laptop constantly, and she has way too much personal information on it. She’s probably planning to leak it to bolster her storyline on RHOA.”

I have to say, I honestly cannot blame this man for feeling the way that he does. He has even gone as far as saying that if there is a photo that surfaces of the two of them in action and his face is blurred out, he will still sue her.

Let’s just hope that this makes her think twice before putting those toes on the big screen!

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