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Ludacris’ New Wife Claps Back At His Baby’s Mother

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After multiple reports came out about the mother of Ludacris’ 1-year-old daughter, Tamika Fuller, people were put under the impression that the only reason why he married her so fast was because he wanted to win their custody battle and not have to pay $7,000 a month in child support. Well his new wife, Eudoxie caught wind of the situation and is making her presence known in all of this madness…

According to TMZ:

Ludacris’ hastily arranged marriage is a cheap trick in his attempt to gain full custody of his daughter … so says a source close to his baby mama. We’re told Luda’s baby mama, Tamika Fuller, thinks Luda wants to show the judge in their custody fight that he now has a stable, loving household … more conducive to child-rearing than the home of single mom Tamika. She fears a Georgia judge could actually buy what Luda’s selling. As we reported … Luda abruptly proposed to GF Eudoxie during the XMAS holidays and married her the very same day. Tamika thinks it was all just a ploy. Luda is gunning to win full custody of their 1-year-old daughter Cai. He claims he’s a better parent and has the means to provide her with a better life. Tamika thinks it’s a crass ploy to avoid paying $7,000 a month in child support.
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Now after all of that extra drama it seems that Eudoxie wanted to add her thoughts into the mix by letting people know that he didn’t just marry her for the fear of having to pay child support.

Here is what Eudoxie had to say, according to EOnline:

Ludacris and longtime girlfriend. Eudoxie surprised fans the day after Christmas when the two lovebirds revealed they were engaged. The shockwaves continued when the twosome announced just a few weeks later that they were already married.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bridges were engaged and married over the holidays,” the rapper’s rep revealed to E! News exclusively.

And just because the wedding was a quick one, that doesn’t mean it lacked a whole lot of romance.

Because Eudoxie is from Gabon in Africa, she was unfamiliar with the American tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. As a result, the couple had to think fast to include the tradition in their special day.

Lucky for everyone, Eudoxie’s wedding dress came from her closet and had sentimental value.

Her “something borrowed” was the pearl earrings given as a gift from a loved one. Finally, the new bride’s “something blue” was blue hydrangea in her bouquet.
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“We chose a simple and intimate wedding that was perfect for us,” Eudoxie shared with E! News exclusively. “We wanted the day to be about our loving commitment to each other.”

I hope that they can all come to a reasonably reconciliation and just move on, as a family.