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Lil Wayne’s Ex-wife says His love life Is a “Hot Mess” But What About Hers?

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What do you get when you have an ex-wife, a popular rapper as a the father of your child, that rapper’s new girlfriend, and a shady husband? You get a “hot mess”, but Antonia “Toya” Wright seems to be missing the hot mess that is going on right inside of her home.

Toya sat down with VLAD TV for an interview where she answered a couple of questions and spilled some tea that some of us have been dying to sip. The interviewer asked her the typical questions about Instagram bullies and her daughter (Reginae’), but what would an interview with Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife be without a couple of questions about Lil’ Wayne himself?

Toya and the interviewer eased into the topic of Lil’ Wayne by talking about her relationship with the other women that have children with Wayne (i.e. Lauren London, Nivea, etc.). When Toya revealed that she was actually really close with Lauren and Nivea, the interviewer asked Toya how she felt about the alleged relationship between Wayne and Christina Milian.

Now let me catch you up. Lil’ Wayne dated Nivea. She dated ‘The Dream’. Christina Milian dated The Dream. Now, Milian and Weezy have been linked, and Toya thinks that it is all a “hot mess.”

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