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Lil’ Scrappy Got Beef With Big Wendy Williams?? Here’s Why!

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Lil Scrappy is mad! But does he have any right to be? After taking to his Instagram account yesterday to put Television host, Wendy Williams on blast for tearing down black people I can’t help but ask myself, ‘So what does his boss do?’ And by boss, I mean Mona Scott-Young.

Scott-Young, the producer of Love & Hip Hop (New York, Atlanta and Hollywood) is also the creator of that mind crashing show, Sorority Sisters. You know, the one where a bunch of women from different sororities get together and talk about why they hate each other… That one. The one that lost sponsors after only its first episode. Yea, that one.

But Wendy Williams is tearing down the black community? I don’t think so Scrap. I love your personality on Love & Hip Hop and you are one of the very few reasons why I watch the show but I will say that I personally feel that you are attacking the wrong lady in this case.

Scrappy went on to Insta and said that he was once a fan of Wendy Williams but now he can’t stand her a**.

Even though Williams has been added to multiple Sh*t Lists of multiple black celebs, I think that if she is going to make a response to this one… She better do it carefully. Because from what I heard, Scrappy is ‘bought that life’ and so is the Queen of the Palace… Toothless Mama Dee.

I think that this is going to be a beef that is somewhat unexpected but also unmatched… The amount of ‘ignance’ that is about to ensue is something that I just really feel like we may not be ready for.

The ‘How You Doin’?’ star has been known to step a few celebrity toes and make a couple of people upset with some of her words. But the way that I see it is if you have a talk show where all you do is talk then please be prepared for people to begin to talk back.

As for Scrappy, I think he should just focus on his next move. Because in my opinion, she is no different from Mona Scott-Young. Tearing black people down? Scott-Young is no stranger to that.


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