Kids die in housefire while mother gets her hair done

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Parents are expected to protect their children at all times, and when they do not, tragedy may strike when it is least expected .  A woman is being accused of leaving her two sibling toddlers at home by themselves, leading their untimely death due to an unexpected housefire.

The mother is now facing charges for leaving her children to their deaths.  According to police in Bastrop, Louisiana, 21-year-old Ciarria Johnson left her two kids, four and three years old, at home alone so she could get her hair done.

As a result, 4-year-old Ta’shae Thompson Johnson and 3-year-old Clifton Thompson Johnson both lost their lives, leaving the entire nation stunned that any mother would ever do such a thing to her own children.  Ciarria says that she left the kids alone at 1 pm, and that she made arrangements for a neighbor to come by and watch them.

Inside the home, there were two gas space heaters, which can easily catch on fire.  When the woman came back to the house, it was on fire.

Police are disputing the mother’s story, claiming that she made no such arrangements for anyone to watch her kids.  Instead, they believe that she left the kids alone and made up the story to keep herself from going to prison.  They say that the only reason the grieving mother came home was because someone told her that her house was on fire.

According to CBS News, the fire started in the living room near the gas heater due to her having flammable items near the heaters themselves. She is now being is charged with two counts of negligent homicide for the deaths.

May the children rest in peace.  When you see this kind of irresponsible child abuse taking place in your community, don’t just let it happen, call the police immediately.

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