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“I’m thin, you’re fat”: Sistas Who Think They Are Better Than You

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erica bBy Tamala Perkins

There are times when insecure people will displace their feelings of inferiority on to other people and claim that those people are uppity and arrogant. There are however times when some sistas really do think they are somehow superior to others.

Below are the sistas who think they are better than you:

1. The light skinned sista – In a society that often feels like it is screaming “white is right” you will often run into Black women who think that being light skinned means they are prettier and somehow better than the sistas with a darker skin tone.

2. Dark skinned sista – Dark skinned Black women can be just as guilty as light skinned women of feeling like they are somehow better. Being darker can make them feel like they are somehow more Black and closer to their African roots.

3. Married – Even  though a married woman can be just as miserable as a single woman, some married women make it seem like their wedding ring is some sort of prize. They will often look at single women and feel pity for them even when it is not warranted.

4. Educated – Some women think that getting a degree makes them better than anyone who hasn’t gotten one. Anytime you talk to them about general life issues, they find a way to bring up their education and sadly, sometimes their education is all they have.

5. Religious – The overly religious Black woman is often actually quite laughable because she happens to be the promiscuous sista from last year. Now that she has found religion, she sits on her high horse and judges everyone else. She has a bad memory when it comes to all her bed hopping, last year.

6. High income earning – The Black woman with a very high income is a lot like the educated sista, in fact, they are often the same person. When she can’t can’t make her relationships with men work, she overlooks her bad attitude and instead claims that they can’t handle a sista with more money or more education.

7. Skinny – You know this sista; she’s in great shape, works out six days a week and over-examines everything she is about to eat. How many calories and fat does it have? Is it organic? Is it grass-fed? Her favorite question is “are you going to eat that? What she really means is “if you eat that, I will judge you for being the pig that you are”.

8. Curvy – The curvy sister loves to talk about women she thinks are skinny or too thin. She calls women who are not curvy like her names like “pan-cake a$$” and often makes snide remarks about how silly they are for starving themselves. Even if her curvy figure has moved on to obese she will still call herself curvy and will shut down any conversations about how being obese affects her health.

9. Outspoken – This is a woman who thinks talking the most and the loudest means that you’re the one who is right. What she doesn’t know is that when some people are quiet, it doesn’t mean they are dumb, they just choose to be quiet when it is not necessary to be running their mouth.

10. The natural sista – This woman typically has dreadlocks in her hair but sometimes she has a big afro or some natural curls. This woman thinks that even though her face is caked in make-up the fact that she does not straighten her hair makes her better than the women who do. She will often say women who don’t have natural hair hate themselves and their Blackness.


  1. jaime love

    January 19, 2015 at 9:30 am

    Now, I must say that #10 should be criticized. Relaxers, perms, dye, and all other toxic chemicals are killing black women slowly but surely. The chemicals from these toxic products seep through the skin and cause a host of diseases like alopecia, ovarian cysts, and Fibroids. Relaxers, and dyes are one of the main reasons why black women lead in reproductive diseases. Also, it IS a form of self hate! They HATE the way their hair was created, PERIOD! THINK about it!

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