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Girls High School Basketball Coach Arrested for Bιting Another Coach

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High school coaches are supposed to set a good example for student athletes, Melonie Martinbut one coach stands accused of setting the worst possible example for kids.

Melonie Joyce Martin faces battery and terrοristic threαt charges after she allegedly bιt another coach in the face.

Martin, a Cobb County basketball coach, is not only accused of biting the other coach, but she also allegedly

During the incident, which occurred on January 9, two other coaches and an assistant principal watched as Martin threαtened to bust the other coach’s “grill”, according to an arrest warrant.

“I’m about to beαt your (expletive) and stomp you, and I’ll beαt your (expletive) and knock your teeth out of your face,” Martin allegedly said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The altercation stemmed from the

An arrest warrant was issued for Martin on January 13. Martin turned herself in and was charged with

She was released after posting bond.

Martin’s attorney, S. Carlton Rouse, tells WSB-TV Martin denied touching Harris and never threαtened his safety.

“While she would like to respond in great detail revealing (the victim’s) true motivation for making such a sensational claim, based upon the advice of counsel, she must respect legal process and will introduce facts at the appropriate time in court,” Rouse wrote.

She plans to fight the charges, says Rouse.


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