Five people shot during Chris Brown concert

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Since Chris Brown got into an ugly situation with then-girlfriend Rihanna five years ago, it seems that he’s been in one interesting predicament after another.   Not that any of this was his fault, but there comes a time when you have to wonder if you’re attracting the wrong energy in your space.

A concert in San Jose, California got ugly when someone started to fire gunshots, leading to five people being wounded.  Total mayhem broke out in the venue, and police are now trying to figure out what happened.

Brown was on stage performing his song “Loyal” at the time of the shooting.  The 25-year old was hosting a birthday celebration and stopped performing in the club when he heard the shooting inside the building.
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After the shooting took place, Brown was taken off stage and rushed away as if he were President Obama.   Chris seemed to believe it was somewhat funny at first, saying, “Oh, them n**gaz is getting it in over there.”

But Brown wasn’t smiling anymore when he heard gunshots rang out.  That’s when he knew it was time to get out.

“Oh my god, oh my god, there’s a gun. Somebody’s shooting,” one person yells on the video, as people duck for cover.  This incident was at the Fiesta Club in San Jose, California on January 10th.   Thank goodness that no one was killed, but maybe we have to start talking about why these guns keep showing up at our concerts in the first place.  A lot of lives are at risk in these situations. 
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From the New York Daily News:

Utter chaos broke out as clubgoers tried to exit as quickly as possible. The “Deuces” singer, who was not hurt, was ushered away by his security team as soon as the shots were heard.

“Somebody’s shooting guns!” the attendee continued yelling as more shots were heard.
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Four people were rushed to the hospital and one victim showed up at the emergency room later, according to San Jose’s Mercury News. All the victims are expected to survive.

While several people were detained by police it remains unclear as to whether there were any arrests.