Dispelling The Myths About Dieting – Diets Don’t Work

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By: William J. McClelland

It is my goal over the next few weeks to re-educate you about “weight loss”. What I really should say is: re-educate you about regaining your health, giving you some control over that part of your life. This will be done by get you into wellness habits that contribute to better health.
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The goal (in my opinion) should be to lose body fat, reshaping the body by building lean muscle tissue. When this is done effectively by using nutritional products and making lifestyle changes on a weekly basis, we anchor these changes/habits into something we can live with. After all it is now a habits and requires no conscious thought.
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It is essential to switch your focus from weight in pounds, to weight in body-fat composition and body size. My aim in this article is to er-educate people in how to lose weight “body-fat” in a healthy way, as to create a habits that can be lived with for life. This almost guarantees keeping the weight off. There are many ways to lose weight, but very few these ways teach how to keep it off.
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This Information is based on more than ten years of research and experience. This information as far (as I know) is not available from anyone else at any price.

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