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Create Your Own Boo With The Purchase of This New App

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So, there is this new phone service called Invisible Girlfriend, have you heard of it? Well, just in case you haven’t, the app is designed for you to sign up and pay $25 just to receive text messages and photos from a fake boo. This app was created to make singles feel as if they have someone special in their lives.

This app was designed with women in mind as well, Invisible Boyfriend, and to me it is just sad.

That is just a scary fiasco waiting to happen.

The man who created this phone app, Matthew Homann, won the startup competition in St. Louis two years ago, all because of this crazy yet creative idea.

With this app you will fill out a small questionnaire about how you imagine your relationship to be with this imaginary spouse, after that you will begin receiving text messages and photos.
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You may be thinking that this will all be computerized but no, it’s not! Text and photos will all be sent by real, actual human beings.

This app will be a disaster in the reality that the photos are of actual human beings, you can just pick and choose who you want your invisible boyfriend or girlfriend to be, but what if there is some desperate and lonely creep who has this app? What if he sees his chosen girlfriend out in public?

Some strange man following this young lady home, because in his mind… She is his real girlfriend.

All for the payment of $25 you will receive 100 messages in your texting box, 10 messages in your voicemail, a letter written by hand and a secret that you will literally take to your grave. Or to the nursing home at least.
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Even though this idea is new to us, Homann came up with it 9 years ago when he purchased the domains, and

Smh. What the heck is the world coming to? Sounds like we will have a lot of single people with their heads in the clouds because they have it set in their minds that they have somebody, but for $25 I need 3 dinner dates too.
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