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Cop Fired for Cutting Out Woman’s Weave Gets Rehired

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An NYPD cop escaped punishment after getting caught on video chοking weave policeEric Garner to deαth, so it should come as no surprise that a cop caught on surveillance camera cυtting out a woman’s weave was rehired after being fired.

A Michigan police officer who was let go by his department for cυtting off the weave of a detained woman got her job back after an arbitrator agreed that she had not violated the terms of her employment.

Bernadette Najor was fired in December of 2013 after she cυt off Charda Gregory’s weave after an arrest. Gregory had been cooperative during the booking process, but surveillance video clearly shows Najor hitting Gregory on the chest and pushing her into a seat. Najor got other officers to assist in restraining Gregory, then Najor cυt out Gregory’s woven-in weave.

Najor defended herself by saying she thought she was supposed to remove anything not permanently attached to the suspect.

Police Deputy Commissioner Louis Galasso said he watched the video after reading a police report that said a woman’s hair was cυt off.

Galassa said he was hoping to send a strong message that this type of behavior would not be tolerated by firing Najor.

Warren police released a statement to the Huffington Post expressing their disappointment in the arbitrator’s ruling.

“The actions taken by the Warren Police Department were appropriate and required,” the statement reads. “Despite that, this is a nation of laws, and even where we believe that an arbitrator’s decision is plainly wrong, we will follow it. … The City will continue to strive to make this excellent police department even better.”

The city of Warren reached a settlement to pay Gregory $75,000 in February of 2014.