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Claudia & Nene Battle OverBiracial Comments

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We all saw last nights episode of RHOA and the embarrassing foot problem that Claudia Jordan had. But I don’t think that any of us were prepared for what would happened next.

On their vacation that should have been a pleasure which actually turned into a disaster with Nene Leakes and Claudia Jordan going head to head and Nene going as far as calling her ‘half-breed’.

According to RadarOnline:

As the episode began, Jordan visited a foot surgeon, telling the cameras that because of playing sports, she suffers “from a very serious problem that affects a lot of women out there” and has “wreaked havoc on [her] feet.”

Jordan said her toes are “disgusting” and “look like snowcapped mountains.”

Pal Kenya Moore screamed when she saw Jordan’s nasty feet, which displayed corns on the toes and a bunion on one foot.
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Dr. Jason Morris suggested a surgical boot for the former Price is Right hostess.

But a problem that hasn’t been solved is the feud between Jordan, 41, and Leakes, 47, which boiled over during a housewives’ trip to Puerto Rico.

Newbie Demetria McKinney clashed all episode with Phaedra Parks, and over a girls’ dinner, Jordan took McKinney’s side, saying the others were “b*tchy and catty.”

As Radar previously previewed, the two got into a heated fight, with Leakes saying Jordan had slept with many men.
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For her part, Jordan called Leakes “the puppet master.”

“You wish you had what I have in the bank, darling,” Leakes — who loves to boast, “I’m rich, b*tch!” — told her new reality rival.

Jordan said she’d worked for 17 years and didn’t “have to get on a pole” — a brash dig at Leakes’ admitted stripper past.

Leakes sneered, “You filed [for] bankruptcy, girl.”

“I’ve never been arrested,” Jordan pointed out to Leakes, whose mug shots have been well-circulated. Leakes admitted, “I was arrested in my 20s, when I was in college,” and added, “I was a stripper and I liked it.

That was 20 years ago.” Leakes charged that Jordan had been “f*cked by everybody in Hollywood” and called her rival a racial slur referring to bi-racial people: a “half-breed.”

In the aftermath of Burruss’ friend Gocha claiming she’d dated McKinney’s boyfriend Roger Bobb, McKinney told Kandi Burruss, “I’m over it.”
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It seems that things are beginning to heat up on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Let’s just hope that these ladies can get it together. Because making comments about race, that’s just not cool.

Here is what the newest RHOA star had to say about the racial comments that were made: