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Carey, Cannon & Dem Babies Being Sued By Former Nanny

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Mariah, Nick and ‘Dem Babies’ are being sued by a former nanny, according to reports, for simply showing their children too much affection? Something ain’t right!

The New York Daily News said that Simonette Da Costa has recently filed a lawsuit against the split couple after she said that she was forced to work 100 hours a week and was never paid any over time.

Da Costa supposedly filed court documents in Manhattan Federal Court, in these documents she also describes being on duty all day long without any food, naps or breaks.
Da Costa worked for the singer and funny man from October 2013 to January 2014, taking care of their sweet twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who are now at the age of three years old.

Da Costa claims that she was sent packing after Mariah Carey claimed that she showed too much affection toward Dem Babies. Kissing? Hugging? No details have been made clear.

The former nanny also makes claims that she was required to show up whenever the mother of the twins demanded for her. Even if that meant showing up in the middle of the night to ‘attend to every demand’.

Da Costa was said to have received an average of $6000 to $7200 a month and was never paid any more than that for her frequent overtime work that she claims she did.

Carey has said in an interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.6 back in February of the past year ‘Unfortunately I have to have nannies but I’m very hands-on. I fire nannies like this,’ with just one snap of her finger.

‘And I hate doing it, but I have to if they make themselves more important in the baby’s mind than me.’

Well after a 100 a week work session, I would think that the children would probably get their mommy confused.

This past April, Cannon told Mr. Howard Stern, ‘It’s something about a woman and her children… you know, the minute the child chooses to go to the nanny before they go to the mom – I would have an issue with that, too.’

Cannon and Carey are currently going through a divorce and supposedly have already decided on a settlement.

Hopefully this all works out for Da Costa, Carey, Cannon and Dem Babies.