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Cap D Comin! King of Diamonds Being Sued By Dancers Who Worked Without Pay

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Cap D Comin’! King of Diamonds Being Sued By Dancers Who Worked Without Pay?

A new lawsuit says that King of Diamonds forced their skrippers to work without pay! How in the world does this happen if money is constantly raining onto the stage? Idk, I ain’t never been a skripper so let me just give the news and keep my opinion to myself!

KOD is known as the place where the famous men and women of Hollywood, Hip Hop and Sports all attend to have a good time, show off their bills, pop bottles, and feed the dancing g-string children of the night. But there is a new class action lawsuit that is being put at the forefront of any twerk session, alleging that the KOD Gentleman’s Club is a hot mess of a place to work where the dancers weren’t paid and had to put out more cash than they were bringing in, just to dance on the pole!
Akinyele Adams, Hip Hop rapper turned club manager, best known for his 1996 hit song, “Put It In Your Mouth,” is said to be one of the defendants in the case.

There are nearly 30 dancers who are suing the ‘bawdy bangin booty slangin’ mecca for not being paid during their time of employment there. Claiming that the club violated the Labor Standards Act, by not paying them.

Charging the girls hundreds of dollars in “house fees” and forcing them to pay back tips to club staff. Now wait a minute? How in the world does that work? I’m tipping you and I’m the one who is supposed to get tipped?
Sounds to me like the owners of this club weren’t doing their job appropriately if the skrippers are paying the staff?

“Some girls have paid as high as $750 just to work,” a former dancer told Bossip. “And then you still have to pay your 10 percent (in kicked back tips to club staff). Girls were walking out of there with nothing. It happened plenty of times.”

Diddy/Puffy/Whatever you choose to call the mogul, took to his Twitter to make a statement, or a joke rather about the current issues that were taking place at the infamous Gentlman’s club.


You can visit Bossip, in order to get the rest of the story…


Dang! This is unfortunate! But those girls do deserve their money!