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Black Principal Fires Teachers For Teaching Black History

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Parents are furious after a black middle school principal has fired teachers for teaching Black History in her school.

Howard University Middle School is a school that I guess you wouldn’t expect this type of thing to happen. This is especially true given that the school has an African American principal.

Parents were asking questions regarding why there were so many teachers being fired or quitting in the middle of the school year.

“As parents we just want to get some answers,” said Dorothy Lowery. “We deserve to know what’s going on.”

In the past week, there have been three Social Studies teachers that handed in their two week notices.  Parents say that the new principal, Angelique Blackmon, confronted the teachers a day prior with pink slips.  According to parents, the pink slips were handed to the teachers right in front of the students.

“While students are still present in the classroom? How unprofessional,” said parent Delrica Battle. “These children are crying. They said they couldn’t say goodbye. The teachers are upset, the students are upset.”

Another parent, Michelle Payne said, “They were given to them in front of our children and I think that our children do not deserve to see that type of behavior.”

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