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Amber Rose Goes Off after Allegations That Wiz Isn’t the Daddy

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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa recently had their issues after she found out that Wiz had reportedly had an affair with two twin sisters. But now people are starting to clap at Amber once again and let’s just say that she is not afraid to clap back.

Given every right to go all the way OFF, there have been recent rumors about her precious baby boy, one-year-old Sebastian, not being Wiz Khalifa’s son. Some even going as far as saying that her limo driver is the father of the precious baby.

Some have said that she was known to cheat on her husband, but there has never been any proof of the action. Even though she has just recently hired Nick Cannon as her manager, Ms. Rose says that things are strictly business.

Many people have reason to believe that Amber’s driver may be the father of lil baby Sebastian, being that he is believed to resemble to precious baby boy.

Amber is still dealing with this rumor, among many others, but recently had to shut some folks all the way down who brought up the rumor of Sebastian and her driver once again.

After a young man on Instagram posted a comment, “Look at lil driver lmao,” Amber had no choice but to let him have it. As any mother would have.

Here is what she had to say:

amber rose go off 

I feel sorry for that poor baby boy and I am sure that these rumors hurt Amber as well. Regardless of how we feel about parents and what they do in the public eye, I just feel that children should always be off limits. After all, they were just born into this world, they were not made to be harassed with such ignorant and ridiculous comments.

And to the young man who made that stupid a** comment… Get a life. Being mean to people does not give you any type of lead way in life. Just move on and focus on your future, before you soon become a driver. Clown.