After Complaints From Home-school Parents Pennsylvania Pulls Back on Regulations

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By: Serena Crawford

Pennsylvania has been very strict with their home-schooling regulations in the past. They required that if a parent decided to teach their child at home they would need to follow certain rules in order to do so. They had to pass in a statement that said that no one in the home had a criminal background. They needed to check in with the school district and register every year. They also needed to bring a portfolio to private evaluators at the end of every year so that it could be reviewed. From there the superintendent would look over the portfolio and decide whether the child was doing well enough to continue with home-schooling. These rules brought complaints from the home-school parents who are trying to break away from the confines of traditional schooling.

Thanks to these complaints from the parents as well as help from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the state of Pennsylvania has decided to lessen the restrictions that it has placed on home-school students and parents. Dewitt T. Black III is an attorney for the HSLDA who helped with this case and eventually wrote a bill that was passed. He stated that since the parents were making the commitment to educate the children and were taking the time and energy to do so it didn’t seem necessary that the school districts intervened as they did.

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