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Activist Facing Trumped Up Charges Over Writing Bad Check?

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In the days following nationwide protests against the targeting of blacks byBrandi Fisher police, some activists were charged with crimes for the roles they played in protests.

One Pittsburgh activist, however, is being accused of a crime not related to any protests. She’s accused of writing bad checks.

Activist Brandi Fisher, who has fought for a better relationship between police and the community, was arrested for theft by deception, receiving stolen property and passing a bad check.

“It’s not a question of ethics at all,” Fisher said, according to TribLIVE. “Organizations like ours don’t get much support. I’ve been funding the organization out of my pocket for five years. If anything, I would be stealing from myself.”

This all stems from Fisher depositing a check into her bank account:

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According to the criminal complaint, Fisher deposited a $1,000 check on July 21, 2014, into the Alliance for Police Accountability account at the Dollar Bank branch on Rodi Road in Penn Hills. The check, which was a donation, was dated March 23, 2013. Fisher said she was waiting until the organization needed the money to deposit it.

Fisher is the only authorized person on the account, and in the next two days, she withdrew $800 from the account. On July 23, the $1,000 was returned unpaid to Dollar Bank because it was made from a closed account.

Fisher says this was not a crime and there was no theft involved.

“It’s not like we stole someone’s check,” Fisher said. “They just said we took too long to deposit it.”

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Dollar Bank insists that Fisher did not respond to notices that she had overdrawn her account in the amount of $860.54 and alerted police.
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Fisher said she had no idea the check was bad but is happy to cover the funds.