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7 Things Men Do That Make Us Think They Are Cheating

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Unfaithful-ManBy Tamala Perkins

Sometimes, as a woman, your instincts kick in and you know something is not right but you just can’t put your finger on it. No woman wants to be the one to falsely accuse her man but sometimes there are specific things that can give you clues as to why you have that uneasy feeling.

Not answering the phone

Not answering the phone could mean that your man is busy  or he doesn’t have his phone right next to him. On the other hand, if this happens a lot, pay attention to what he does when he is with you and his phone rings. If he only answers work or business calls then he could be avoiding his other woman (or women).

Not returning calls

Some men just don’t really like talking on the phone but if you let him know that you feel bad when he doesn’t answer your calls and then doesn’t even return your calls, his behavior should change. If he still neglects to return your calls even after that conversation, you have good reason to be suspicious.

Disappearing during the week or the weekend

If you only see your man during the week and he disappears over the weekend or you only see him on the weekend and he seems to join the witness protection during the week, then you may be a side chick or he may have a side chick. Unless your man has a special kind of job that takes him off grid, he should be able to check in even if you’re not together.

Sneaking looks at other women’s butts (and other parts)

Looking at other women is to be expected. Just because your man loves you it does not mean he becomes blind and doesn’t notice other attractive women. The problem is when he is sneaky about it. Innocently looking with no intention is much different than sneaking looks with the intention of slipping the other woman his number when you’re not looking.


People lie for many different reasons and sometimes it’s not about cheating but sometimes it is!

Being suspicious

Suspicious people are sometimes just insecure but sometimes people accuse others of cheating because they assume that other people are doing what they are doing. Cheaters have a tendency of accusing other people of cheating.

Introducing you as his friend

When a man is in love, he typically wants his family and friends to meet the woman he loves. If he introduces you as his friend it may mean the people he is introducing you to know his other girlfriend(s).