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Dove’s New Ad Targets The Natural Community… In A Good Way…

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By: Naturally Triece

Dove has been known for their confidence building commercial ads that have featured women of all colors, shapes and sizes posing in their underwear, showing off all of their perfectly flawed curves. This time they have officially touched my heart as well as many other hearts around America with this adorable and moralist commercial ad that they have recently come out with.

This commercial ad tackles the natural hair vs. straight hair battle that many curly women face. Doing premature interviews with small adorable children, asking them questions about their curly hair. The little girls all stated that they did not like their curly hair. After showing these beautiful children of all colors I realized that the curly natural state of hair does not just attack African American women, it is something that happens to all women.

This commercial taught me a valuable lesson of self worth and self love. You must love yourself and accept yourself, being it whether you have curly hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair, kinky hair, smooth hair, red hair, blonde hair, brown hair or black hair. Whether you wear it in a pony tail every day, in braids, in twists or any other way that you can think of… This Dove commercial taught me that we are all beautiful in our own way.
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The little girls, whom are of all ethnic backgrounds, are then joined by women. I am assuming that these women are their mothers or guardians of some sort, and then you hear the song play “We all love our curls!”.

This commercial did bring a small tear to my eye because it was letting me know that (even at the age of 25) I am still beautiful just like the little girls in this video as well as their mothers.
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Thank you Dove for reaching out to the natural community… It really means a lot!

I’m sure that you guys may be thinking, how in the world could I possibly get all of that out of one commercial… Just take a look for yourselves.
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Thanks for reading & watching!


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