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18-Year-Old Biseχual Woman Falls In Love With Her Biological Father

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Reported by Nigel Boys

According to New York magazine, an 18-year-old unnamed woman from Great Lakes who was previously a virgin, had tried lesbianism and now identifies as biseχual, has lost her virginity to her biological father and wants to live with him as a couple in New Jersey.

Although incestuous marriages are not legal in New Jersey, the seχual assault laws do not explicitly prohibit this type of relationship so long as both parties are over the age of 18, neither party is mentally incapacitated, and no force or coercion is use.

The young woman states that she was conceived by her parents on their prom night when they were only 18, but they soon split up and she hadn’t seen her biological father since the age of 5. She adds that although her mother went through a couple of marriages and divorces, she never hit it off with any of her stepfathers and grew up missing a “fatherly figure.”

Apparently at around 15-years-old, the young woman found the father figure she had been looking for when her biological father contacted her on Facebook. She adds that she went to live with him for a little while, and the two soon discovered they had deeper feelings for one other.

The young woman then lost her virginity to her father. The only seχual experience she had encountered before was a lesbian relationship while she was in her early teens. However, that relationship didn’t work out because her partner was very religious and would often quote Bible verses after having intimate relations. She adds that her mother stopped her from developing a relationship with a boy when she removed her from school and put her in home-schooling.
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The couple now plans to move to New Jersey where they will be safe from criminal prosecution after having some form of ceremony to declare their marriage to one another, according to the woman.
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The incestuous couple is not concerned that experts say that inbred children often suffer from profound and normally rare genetic ailments.  The daughter says she plans to have children with her dad, and they don’t believe they need any kind of official documents to prove that they love one another.
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Some have said that the redefinition of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has opened the door to perverted relationships such as incestuous relationships. Reportedly, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Illinois are other progressive states in this regard.