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12 Year Old Survives Murder Suicide By Her Father Who Thought Her Mother Cheated

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Jonathan Walker

By Michal Ortner

Christina Walker is the only survivor of the mass shooting that took place in her Queens home last week. Her father, Jonathan Walker, entered their home at around 5:38 a.m. Within minutes he had gone from room to room fatally shooting each member of the family and severely injuring Christina.

Sources say that he first shot his 7-year-old daughter, Kayla, and then Christina, 12.

“He wanted to kill the two kids because he didn’t want them in foster care,” a source said.

He fatally shot the mother, Shantai Hale, as well as her mother, Viola Warren.

“He believed she may have been cheating on him — possibly with more than one person,” a law enforcement officer said. “He went and got drunk that night before heading home.”

The couple had no history of domestic violence and pictures from Facebook show a happy, normal family. Viola Warren’s brother said, “He was a very nice person and a great father. He loved his kids. We thought he’d do anything for them.” Walker, Hale, and the two girls had been living with the grandmother.

“She was a lovely person. She cared for her grandkids. She always made a place for them. Her daughter was living with her—with this guy. They seemed to be such a happy family. I didn’t see anything I should be alarmed about. We’re all so shocked,” said Patricia Simmons, one of Warren’s sisters.

Both of the two girls were Walker’s biological daughters.

According to one family member, Christina moved within a split-second before being shot, causing the bullet to enter through a nostril and escape through her eye. She was able to contact a 911 dispatcher and identified her father as the killer. She was also able to open the door for law enforcement.

“Her speech was somewhat limited, but we were able to get a very good statement from her,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

“He was looking at her when he shot her. She was looking at him. Literally looking at her,” Joseph Simmons, a cousin said. “She was the one that called 911 and said, ‘My dad did it.’”

Christina underwent surgery Saturday morning and was then placed in a medically induced coma for recovery at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Walker, who reportedly committed suicide shortly after the murders, was found inside of his vehicle, a silver GMC Acadia. The car was parked in a wooded area near the JFK Airport. The handgun used for the murders and suicide was found at the scene. Police say they located the vehicle by tracing Walker’s cell phone.