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You-Ology: Reboot Yourself For 2015 | TemTi Sahu Ra

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By TemTi Sahu Ra

If you haven’t had the greatest 2014, then the time has come again for you to put all your demons to rest, or at least start trying to round them up for the big 2015 reboot of you – It’s time for You-ology!

A new calendar year is always a great place to start living out the vision you always felt was your life! In your vision you already know the way you want to look, the clothes you want to wear, the career or business you’re in, and the domestic situation you come home to. Your vision feels very real to you but turning it into something that you can feel and touch is like trying to hold smoke in your hands. So why is it so hard to realize or hold onto your life’s dreams?

Naturally there are many answers and reasons for this, but for a lot of us, the majority of our life issues can be traced to just 3 reasons:

Due to fear/conditioning/conformity, we allow crap to happen and let it exist in our lives in a disruptive or unnecessary way while sometimes passing it off as the norm.

We don’t know, don’t try hard enough or are unwilling to learn how to remove or deal with said crap.

We are seriously unaware of how crappy things really are in our lives and as a result we do nothing, all the while our crap is still doing its thing!

In the above scenarios, taking responsibility for your life is the call we need to urgently make.

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