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Woman Who Tried To Drown Her 3 Kids In Ocean Sent To Mental Hospital

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ebonyBy Tamala Perkins

Ebony Wilkerson is going to a psychiatric hospital. On Tuesday a ruling was made that she should be committed to a a state psychiatric hospital. Judge Leah Case decided that Wilkerson should be involuntarily committed.

A few weeks earlier, the disturbed mother was in court and got a “not guilty” verdict. She had been charged with three counts of felony child abuse and avoided a guilty verdict by reason of insanity. She had also been charged with attempted murder and the charges were dropped, taking her mental condition into consideration.

According to investigators, on March 4, earlier this year, Wilkerson who was pregnant at the time, drove into the ocean. As if that was not horrific enough, she drove the minivan into the beach while her three children were in the car with her. The oldest child was 10 years old and the other two were nine and three years old. She drove the car into the water at Daytona Beach.

Fortunately for her and her children, there were people who saw her attempt to end her and her children’s life and they stopped her. Her and her children were rescued by lifeguards and some people who were enjoying themselves at the beach also stopped and helped the family.

Prosecutors called what she did  “A dangerous act,” and emphasized that what she did would have k!lled her and her children had she gone unnoticed. They insisted that she should be committed.

After the ruling, Wilkerson was handcuffed and sent back to jail where she will later be handled by The Department of Children and Families who will admit her to a state hospital.

After six months, per the judges orders, Wilkerson will be evaluated and may be up for conditional release, depending on what her doctors report back to the court.