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Woman claims slain officer slammed her head onto a concrete floor

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One woman has taken to social media to reveal that one of the NYPD officers who was shot and killed in Brooklyn on Saturday had brutalized her in the past.  She calls his death “karma.”

Asiaa Melrose has been vocal on her Facebook page about her alleged encounter with now-deceased officer Rafael Ramos that occurred 2 years ago during which he slammed her head against the floor:

About 2years or more ago my Head was constantly being slammed into concrete floors which left me with non stop headachee knots etc. Basically not pretty By the officer in the picture who is Also one of the 2 officers that was fatally shot & killed today in Bedstuy Brooklynn Execution style. Not Saying him getting killed was ok but Karma is Definitely a Bitch kus He Could have killed me! LIFE LESSON::: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO TO OTHERS CAUSE KARMA ALWAYS WATCHING…

After her message went viral, she spoke out again, explaining that she believed incidents such as the one she experienced with Ramos should not be swept under the rug as usual, Three Stripes Media reported:

At what point of time is it ever ok for a male cop to put his hands on a female? The cops are trained to serve and protect us, and that day officer Ramos failed to do so! I am not mad, and I have never wished nothing bad on him. Not even death! I believe you do not fight violence with violence, so we let the police handle it, and for years they swept it under the rug. I decided to speak on this now because years went by and nothing was done. I was in total shock when I heard he was killed. No, I was not happy. I was just speaking about the altercation that occurred between me and officer Ramos! I never cared that this went viral, but since it did, this will not be swept under the rug no more!


She also stated that she was not trying to slander the officer’s name, and she maintained that her story is true.

Melrose also, again, alluded to her idea that the recent police killings are a sign of karma:

Karma really comes back 10 times harder! When my head was being constantly slammed to the concrete, no punishment or penalty was held against him. Just like When Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sean Bell, Eric Garner etc. were all killed by cops and no action by cops were taken. No justice was served. But soon as a cop is killed, they take all action! Mhmm now you tell me.





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