What A Woman Wants! The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Women…

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Many Christmas’ ago I used to love the thought that my boyfriend would put into buying me Christmas gifts, but after he left I would literally sit them in the back of my closet, for them never to be seen again. I have struggled with this problem and I am pretty sure that many women go through the exact same thing. This blog post is to help all of those men who struggle with the disease, “What Does She Like-Itus”… Follow these suggestions and I am sure that she will love you…

Disclaimer: The gifts don’t have to be expensive in order for her to adore them…

1. Gag Gifts…

Now you may be thinking… Why in the hell would I buy my girlfriend/wife a gag gift? Well, one of the biggest reasons why we fall in love with the man that we court or marry is because they have the capability to make us laugh. If you know your partners sense of humor then you will know what she will think is cute, adorable or funny. A funny quote that compliments her will be a great gift. Something that inspires her in a funny way, so that she can hang it on her bathroom mirror. It will be the first thing that she sees every morning.

2. Inspirational Gifts…

Inspiration can come in so many shapes and sizes. You can buy her inspirational gifts such as books that can help her get through certain things that she may be going through in life, whether it be self-esteem issues, college, or just being a wife in general… Those are all random things, but I guarantee that there is a book about it somewhere that she will absolutely love you for.

3. Weapons for Protection

During the Christmas Seasons and even after we all hear about some janky man chasing a woman in a dark mall parking lot, and what if it’s your woman but you aren’t there to save her? A pink stun gun wouldn’t hurt. I’m just saying… Something with a lot of force and a couple of decorative rhinestones along the sides to make for a fancy attack.

4. Beauty Enhancement Gifts…


Yes, I am a make-up freak but that doesn’t mean that every woman is. When I say beauty enhancement, I mean things such as make-up, body sprays, perfumes, skin care products like lotions, body creams,  and exfoliating scrubs. Basically, anything that she can use that will make her feel beautiful, give her a nice glow, and make her even more sexy to you than before… Because we all know that a happy wife makes for a happy life.

5. Undergarment Gifts…

Cute panties, with matching bras, comfy socks and cozy bath robes are all awesome gifts that she will appreciate and use…


I can guarantee that if you try any of these gift ideas, she will love what you purchase. The cost won’t matter and neither will the brand. That is the beauty of this list. You can purchase awesome gifts without paying the awesomely ridiculous price…

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!



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