Usher Supports ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Campaign On Tour

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Singer Usher took center stage in Tampa Florida and made his voice heard without singing a note.    Displayed on his chest were 3 little words protesters hope will change a nation. And to make sure no one misunderstood his message, the singer then put his hands up in the don’t shoot gesture that is becoming more and more recognizable as the symbol demanding justice.

“I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts echo the dying words of Eric Garner as he struggled on a New York City street as an officer choked him to death. “I Can’t Breathe” has become the war cry of protesters from Los Angles to New York who are standing against racism and police brutality. Usher’s stance with hands up represent another black killed at the hands of police. Witnesses say Michael Brown was standing with his hands up in a position of surrendering when he was shot to death by a  Ferguson Missouri  police office.

The R&B singer took his place in the peaceful protest during his UR Experience Tour before thousands of fans.

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