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Two women on CNN get into a big fight about rape: Is it wrong to ask women to protect themselves?

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This is a really good interview between Susan Patton (aka The Princeton Mom) and Carol Costello of CNN.  The two are talking about sexual assault on campus.  Carol is saying that it’s blaming the victim to ask women to protect themselves from bad men.  Susan is saying that a smart woman is careful about having what she calls “regretable sex,” by staying sober so she doesn’t end up doing things she may not be proud of the following day.

Patton says that the definition of sexual assault has gotten misconstrued over the last few years to mean almost anything.

“What makes this so particularly prickly is the definition of rape,” Patton said to CNN host Carol Costello. “It no longer is when a woman is violated at the point of a gun or a knife. We’re now talking about or identifying as rape what really is clumsy hook-up melodrama or a fumbled attempt at a kiss or a caress.”

She then says that if a man is making advances, a woman should tell him to leave.

“It makes one wonder, why do you not just get up and leave?” Patton asked. “Or why do you not as a woman tell a man who’s making advances that, ‘You know what, stop, leave.’”

Patton says that some of the alleged cases of rape, especially on college campuses, are situations where the woman did something she regretted and defined it in a way other than what actually occurred.

“There’s rape, and then there’s rape,” she said. “I believe that she experienced something that she regretted. I believe that she got very drunk, and had sex with a man that she regretted the next morning. To me, that’s not a crime. That’s not rape. That’s a learning experience.”

Patton says she’s not victim blaming, but asking for common sense to be injected into the conversation.

“The politically correct thinking at this point — fueled by the antagonistic feminists — is that even if there’s a whiff of assault, a man is guilty,” she said. “We could teach burglars not to steal, but better advice [is to] lock your door.”

“I’m not blaming victims, but when women accuse men of rape, when in fact, it was sort of a fumbled attempt at — when they have what I call regrettable sex, mistake sex.”

The two got into a heated argument, and Costello then said she would never talk to Patton after being a victim.

“You probably could come to me because I’m a sympathetic ear,” Patton said. “But first, I would tell you, be smarter next time. Exercise more self control next time. Use better judgement next time in how you choose your friends.”

“And then you want me to go the police and file charges after you said that to me?” Costello replied. “After you said that to me, I ain’t going to the police! Are you kidding? You just said it was partially my fault because I was drunk!”

“I didn’t say it was your fault, I said you could have prevented it,” Patton said.

Watch the video and give us your verdict.  Is Patton saying that rape is the victim’s fault or is she talking about something else?