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Two Arrests Made In Connection to #IAmJada Rαpe Claims

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Reported by Kacie Whaley

Two teens have been arrested in the gang rαpe of Jada, a 16-year-old from Houston, Texas who gained recognition for standing up to online bullies who posted and mocked pictures of her naked and passed out at a house party.

Nineteen-year-old Clinton Onyeahialam and an unidentified 16-year-old were arrested for rαping Jada and another girl on June 1.  Onyeahialam is charged with seχual assault of a child, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Jada’s account of the story claims she went to the house party with three friends and accepted a drink from someone.  After that, she blacked out.  Later, she saw others posting pictures online of her unconscious, nυde body on the floor.  She realized she had been rαped.
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But what triggered Jada to speak out about her assault was when people created the hashtag #jadapose in which they reenacted the position that her passed out body lay it.  She then created another hashtag to counter the bullying, #IAmJada.  She was contacted by several news outlets and bravely spoke out against her assaulters and those who were making light of rαpe.

Jada spoke with MSNBC and said the recent arrests made in her case were “wonderful.”

“I’m just grateful and thankful for everyone who followed and supported me,” she said.

When asked why the arrests took five months to be executed, family spokesperson and New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X said that although the rαpists were very “braggadocios” about the incident, authorities claimed they needed time to complete a thorough investigation.
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X also said that he and others working in Jada’s case are pushing to pass a law that will ban internet bullying so that others who have been in Jada’s position will not be afraid to tell their story.
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“We’re attempting to work with state legislatures right here in Texas to make cyber bulling a crime,” said X, “because you have so many people out there that are victims of seχual assault, but they don’t want to be bullied through social media, so they tend to keep their stories to themselves and never come forth.”

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