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Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Fail | Dr. D. Ivan Young

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By Dr. D. Ivan Young

The fact you’re reading this article right now is no coincidence. Your subconscious, Your Spirit, is trying to protect you from a future disaster. Before you say I do, before you move in, before you introduce this future mistake to your friends and relatives, there are some things you’d better beware of  – Those Apocalyptic Warning Signs. In case still you’re not getting it, i’m referring to Those foreboding Signs that keep nudging you, you know the ones, the ones that keep hinting, “This would be Relationship you’re in Is clearly Going To Fail!” Never mind how good the sex is, despite how attracted you maybe to your habit forming object of desire, despite how many years you’ve known them or how much time and money you’ve invested, all of that is irrelevant. No matter how many trips you’ve taken together, despite the fact you’ve endured hardships and losses together, you cannot save a doomed relationship. Never mind the fact that you’ve probably become financially or emotionally dependant on them, or even married them. When the handwriting is on the wall you’d better READ IT!

So you’re probably asking yourself, “how can I exit this trainwreck.” Simple – Be honest with yourself.  Stop justifying foolishness while ignoring those things which are staring you right in the face. Not only is that un-wise, it’s plain foolhardy to keep heading down a dead end street. It’s the equivalent of a blind man playing a game of dodgeball while watching him attempt to knock down a wasp nest, inevitably he’s going to get hit and get the s*** stung out of him too. Stop ignoring your instincts. That’s your Spirit attempting to get your attention. HInt – You cannot make someone be who they are not. Hint – You cannot love anyone enough to make them change. People are who they are.

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