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Oprah Winfrey Speaks Out on Eric Garner, Michael Brown: “People Are Awake”

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During the New York premiere for her movie “Selma”, Oprah Winfrey took a moment to discuss oprah trayvon martinthe protests over the deαths of black men at the hands of police. The media mogul also discussed the implications of the protests triggered by the recent slαyings.

“Even if we didn’t know about a Ferguson, or an Eric Garner or a Michael Brown… they were going on,” said Winfrey, during an interview “The fact that they may have now become news-worthy or made national or international news, doesn’t mean there haven’t been nameless Michael Browns or Eric Garners before.”

“My feeling is everything is always happening exactly as it should and on time. There’s no coincidence that this is happening now, but because it’s happening now, people are paying more attention.”

Winfrey says the reaction to the recent deαths of black men means that people are finally waking up.

“Life is always there to teach, enlighten, and open you up to the greater possibilities of what can be done.. if you’re willing to be awake, and see it. What’s exciting to me is that people are awake. If it took Eric Garner and it took Michael Brown and other instances to do than then… that’s where we are in our evolvement as human beings.”

Oprah’s new movie, “Selma”, chronicles a pivotal three month period of Dr. King’s life. She says a movie about Dr. King’s life can serve as a guide to those protesting in Ferguson and elsewhere.

“I really think that his film can teach people a lot, because what this film says is it’s been done. It was done. Y’all are not the first to do it… the first to have an idea… the first to want to protest… the first to be upset. We didn’t even have the right as citizens to vote in this country, and because of that you had Martin Luther King as a leader joining with his band of brothers with disciplined, rigorous, peaceful, protests, and they had a goal and intention in mind. You just can’t march and not know what your marching for.”